Like you, Entrepreneur and Sales and Marketing Professional Michelle Oliver, has witnessed the ever changing landscape of effective marketing techniques for years. What’s the magic? Is it keywords and content? Is it framing, pitching and follow up? Is it face to face charisma? Positive thinking? Direct mail and door knocking? When cutting edge becomes the norm, is there a different way to play? With 3 decades of varied experiences that include working as a sales, event and marketing coordinator, a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher, a single, homeschooling mom, professional trainer, broker, writer and multiple business owner, Michelle has real-life, in-the-trenches business experience. A passionate, incessant learner, she is fanatical about exploring and executing new, effective ideas to grow her businesses. Michelle offers a transparent conversation that allows you to benefit from her daily experience as she integrates and experiments with the most effective approaches to growing your business online in 2018. She provides daily support and guidance for you to be the best and brightest you can be as you prove massive profitability in your business.

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