What’s a Girl To Do?

Just a few years ago I opened a new business. I poured everything I had; yes the blood, sweat, tears and plenty of passion into the work that I knew was the path to making my dreams come true. As Lemony Snicket’s book series title so aptly states, a series of unfortunate events caused a happily growing business to crumble to the ground.

Within the rubble of every collapse, a robust opportunity lies hidden. Digging it out is painful, but develops the grit necessary for ultimate success. As I gradually cleared away the rubble and began to build something new, I was sure of a few things:

This next endeavor would be mine alone; a reflection of my values and product and service standards without compromise. Removing the residual grime from my brain, heart, and soul remains the most difficult and constant task.

I stand here today with a business that lines up with every goal I have:

  • exceptional, high-quality products that make a huge, positive impact for my customers
  • unlimited earning potential
  • ideal market positioning
  • full back-end support
  • ethical core values and practices without compromise

So what’s not to love? I want to shout out the news from the rooftops! I want to call everyone I know and I want them to try my product! Like every other business, I still have to find a way to tell the world in a way that they can and want to hear it. And the funny thing is, that many people are hesitant to try new things in new ways. My friends don’t want to hear about it every day on my timeline or in their newsfeed. Yes, my friend, there really is a place called Facebook jail. I’ve never been, but do not care to go there.

I may be fueled by my own experience and my journey taught me the value of what I now have, but no one else is going to value my business simply because Ido and really, no one else cares. Everything I have been through still leaves me at ground zero until I can convince others of the value I am so certain of.

Is it possible you’re a bit like me? You love promoting your traditional brick and mortar small business, your direct sales, consulting or network marketing company online. You are excited, passionate and genuinely want to share the news with everyone you know, but you’re looking for a more professional approach to doing so.

Yep…back to marketing and sales. You have to attract the right people at the right time. To do that, you have to be in front of the people who want and need you at the right time with the authentic message that is relevant to them. There IS a way to build your business using online marketing.


Like you, Entrepreneur and Sales and Marketing Professional Michelle Oliver, has witnessed the ever changing landscape of effective marketing techniques for years. What’s the magic? Is it keywords and content? Is it framing, pitching and follow up? Is it face to face charisma? Positive thinking? Direct mail and door knocking? When cutting edge becomes the norm, is there a different way to play? With 3 decades of varied experiences that include working as a sales, event and marketing coordinator, a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher, a single, homeschooling mom, professional trainer, broker, writer and multiple business owner, Michelle has real-life, in-the-trenches business experience. A passionate, incessant learner, she is fanatical about exploring and executing new, effective ideas to grow her businesses. Michelle offers a transparent conversation that allows you to benefit from her daily experience as she integrates and experiments with the most effective approaches to growing your business online in 2018. She provides daily support and guidance for you to be the best and brightest you can be as you prove massive profitability in your business.

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