Burning the Ship

Burning the Ship

So… you are committed to succeeding in this new endeavor. 

It could be your new side hustle, a fitness goal, etc. You’ve already invested more time, energy and effort than you thought it would take and the results are nowhere near where you’d like them to be. Your heart sinks, your pulse rises and your mind wrestles with clouds of doubt.

All those people who warned you? Maybe they were right. What makes you think that you can do what hardly anyone does? Why do you think you can succeed? After all, you are nothing special. As a matter of fact, there is a running list inside your head that grows longer by the minute, reminding you of all the reasons you are less capable than the rest of the world. “Just go get a damn J O B like the rest of us!” they violently implore.

Well, my brave, bold sailor, I have news for you. If you have sailed this far and are still on the deck of your boat, floating around in the harbor and gazing at this new land of opportunity (whatever it may be), it may be time for you to set fire to your vessel.

Think of it this way. A lot of stuff can fit in the hold of a ship. All that cargo can hold you back…your doubts, fears and the voices in your head or from your friends and family are the anchor that prevents you from landing and developing this new land you’ve sailed so far to reach. Rather than facing the task of learning what is necessary to survive in this new land of opportunity, you cling to your vessel in the weak hope that somehow it will provide what it has never provided before. Opportunity, freedom, whatever it is for you.

When the wind blows and the ship advances towards the land, your hope and vision is restored, but the anchor pulls you back into the harbor.  The agony of this back and forth drains your energy.

There’s a reason successful entrepreneurs tell you to spend time on personal development. If you are in a network marketing company, there’s a reason your upline pushes you to attend a live conference right out of the gate. There’s a reason committing to your goals publicly gives you a better chance of achieving them. These things force you into a new mindset. A new consciousness. A new land. These actions force you to adjust, adapt and become the person capable of achieving what you say you want to achieve.

It’s time to burn the ship! Why? Because once you reach the level of commitment where there is no way to go back, you will advance. You will go forward. You will learn, adapt, develop, go forward and achieve more than you ever have been able to in the past.

So please, light the match, set fire to the boat, cast yourself into the water and wade, swim or float into shore. And one more thing. That one seemingly powerful thing or person that incessantly clings to you and causes you to doubt your ability to become all that you want to be? LEAVE IT and LEAVE THEM on the boat.

Can you feel the soft sand of the beach between your toes? Here we go…


Like you, Entrepreneur and Sales and Marketing Professional Michelle Oliver, has witnessed the ever changing landscape of effective marketing techniques for years. What’s the magic? Is it keywords and content? Is it framing, pitching and follow up? Is it face to face charisma? Positive thinking? Direct mail and door knocking? When cutting edge becomes the norm, is there a different way to play? With 3 decades of varied experiences that include working as a sales, event and marketing coordinator, a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher, a single, homeschooling mom, professional trainer, broker, writer and multiple business owner, Michelle has real-life, in-the-trenches business experience. A passionate, incessant learner, she is fanatical about exploring and executing new, effective ideas to grow her businesses. Michelle offers a transparent conversation that allows you to benefit from her daily experience as she integrates and experiments with the most effective approaches to growing your business online in 2018. She provides daily support and guidance for you to be the best and brightest you can be as you prove massive profitability in your business.

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Christine - last year Reply

It’s a good thing I can swim !!

Shirley Corder - last year Reply

What a fabulous post! Thank you so much, Michelle! Thankful Thursday returns!

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